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Is the MPLC licence genuine?

Yes it is.

We have been working with and representing the major copyright holders including major Hollywood studios and local producers for over 30 years. We have contracts with them, you can read testimonials from them here.

We also work closely with organisations like FACT which has been protecting the content, product and interests of the film and television industries since 1983.

We are registered with the Irish Patents Office and you can also check Irish government site that explains Copyright Law

You can also check the legislation on the Irish Statute Book for the relevant legislation.

We work very carefully to ensure we operate with the strictest standards of ethics and integrity to manage the whole licensing process. For example, we record all telephone calls held with our licensing representatives so that we can check and make sure you are always provided with correct information as to when you do and don’t need an MPLC licence.

MPLC Public Performance Licences are affordable, easy to buy and can be in place immediately.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact MPLC at +353 (0) 65 68 20368 send us an email to

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a licence will cost or to get licensed today.